George W Bush Monument

Yea, you read correctly - 'Fotofestival' not 'Photofestival'
A photograph of The George W. Bush Monument has been included in a public exhibition curated by as part of the 3rd Fotofestival in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg.  The exhibition will be available from September 5-October 25 2009 in Mannheim, Germany. 
I'm also super excited because a couple of my favorite artists are also included in the show - The Bruce High Quality Foundation and Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, definitely check out their work! 

It's a huge honor to be included in such a prestigious exhibition, and I owe many thanks to the curators at VVORK (Aleksandra Domanović, Oliver Laric, Christoph Priglinger, Georg Schnitzer) and everyone who organized the exhibition.

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Text from the Fotofestival website:

"Totale Erinnerung - Blog 3D, 2009

The labyrinth functions as an analogy to the world of images in the age of Flickr, YouTube, and cell-phone cameras, where there exist endless variations of an image one beside the other. The frequency of duplicates, copies, conversions, and reinterpretations demands a new way of dealing with the notion that we can orient ourselves toward images.

The labyrinth is a site of confusion and at the same time memory. Similar repetitive impressions lead to a loss of orientation.

The installation Totale Erinnerung (Total Recall) makes reference to the environment of the labyrinth. The Alte Meßplatz in Mannheim is characterized by a wide variety of architectural styles from the last two centuries, yet is does without any kind of memorials or monuments. Our selection of works that examine monumentality uses this site of emptiness. The comparison of similar monuments allows the viewer to recognize heterogeneity in an ostensibly homogenous series.

Alongside works by contemporary artists, indiscriminate stock photography, vacation pictures from Flickr, photos from auction houses, as well as works by photographers for the photo agencies Reuters and the Associated Press will be shown.

There is no clear path through the labyrinth. The visitor defines his or her own path and thus constructs a dramaturgy of the images."

(Below is the image that was included in the exhibition)

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