George W Bush Monument


In a personal tribute for former President Bush, I presented the Monument all day in the front yard of my house in Minneapolis. 

The monument could be seen from a busy street; many cars, trucks, and city buses slowed down to get a good look at the Monument.  Some even pulled over and walked up to get a closer look!

The response was pretty interesting, very different than the response I got in DC.   Almost nobody threw their shoes, nobody tried to take it down.  Since it was a much more private location, most people saw the monument alone or with a couple others, so there was no mob mentality...and no audience for people who wanted to be stir things up a bit.  (Maybe the Minnesota nice mentality helped a bit too).  But viewing the Monument privately definitely altered the experience, and people could have a more pure reaction.      

A lot of people laughed, some people shook there heads, some looked a bit confused, it was pretty good people watching.

The best moment of the day though was a reaction from a girl who was walking home from class at the U of M.  She stopped on the sidewalk, and asked me, "Do you know what this is?"  I was thinking, well, go check it out, you have eyes right?
But I answered, "It's a President's Day tribute for President Bush."
She gasped and gave me the most disgusted look, turned and walked away. She could not imagine why someone would want to commemorate President Bush. The way she carried herself was just so funny...she was so disgusted, ha.

But thanks to everyone who stopped by to see the Monument on President's Day, thanks to my friends who stopped by too, it was a fun day!

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